4 Strategies to Encourage Your Child to Read

4 Strategies to Encourage Your Child to Read

Encouraging your child to read can sometimes be a difficult and frustrating process. You push them to read, and they put on the brakes. I have heard from my own children, “It’s hard”, “Reading is boring”, or “Can we try later?” What is a parent to do when your child simply does not have a desire to read?

Here are a few strategies you can try at home to encourage your child to find a love for reading.

  1. Always Read to Your Child
    First, take a breath and relax. You must understand that you did not simply learn how to read overnight. Your child will get there over time, but you must have patience and understanding. To encourage your reader try establishing a special routine where you read and they listen. For older children try taking turns reading from page to page.
  2. Choose Books They Like
    Think of your child’s interests. Do they like comic books, animals, princesses? Whatever it may be find a book with that topic. Take a trip up to the library and pick out a variety of books. Find one they enjoy and stick with it. Take books with you in the car, in the living room, where ever you can keep them available.
  3. Be a Role Model
    Be a reading model. Children often mimic parent behavior. Let your child see that you enjoy reading and soon you may have an avid reader yourself.
  4. Ask Questions
    As you read with your child ask them questions throughout. Try asking questions in the beginning, middle and end of the story.  After the story ask your child what they think about the book. How does it relate to their life? Find a way to make a connection with your child.


For more tips try checkout the links below:




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