What does it mean to be Lutheran? Do we have to be Lutheran to attend AWLS?

The Lutheran church’s central message is the same as the central message of the Bible – Jesus as the Savior of the world. Because of my sin, we were separated from God and spiritually hopeless. We teach that Jesus Christ is God’s own Son who lived a perfect life and died and innocent death, all for people. He then rose from the dead to secure the victory over death, all for people. That victory gives all people forgiveness, peace with God, and eternity with Him to look forward to, all as a free gift of his grace. Now, because of that grace, a Christian’s desire is to share that message with other people and to live a life that reflects the great gift of the Gospel message in all we do.

It is not necessary to be a Lutheran to enroll in our school. As a Lutheran church and a school we will teach from God’s Word as God’s Word is presented. The children will learn from trained Lutheran educators that are also members of our congregation. All of our parents, through instruction, will have the opportunity to understand what the Lutheran Church teaches and believes upon enrollment. As Lutheran Christians, Jesus is at the center of all we do as a school.

What Curriculum does Abiding Word use?

Abiding Word has its own curriculum that is based on the Texas State Standards. We use a variety of resources to accomplish the teaching of that curriculum. An overview of our curriculum by grade is available here. You can also contact us for more documentation of our curriculum by grade and subject.

Does Abiding Word have school uniforms?

Yes, on Wednesdays we dress in a school uniform to look united and to show respect for for our weekly Chapel Service. All other days we follow the general dress code guidelines. The details of the Dress Code Policy may be found in the grooming and dress code of the School Handbook.

Why choose a Christian education?

Our fundamental philosophies at Abiding Word Lutheran School are rooted in the belief that a Christian education prepares our students for life ahead. We work to not only prepare their minds for further education, but their spirits for the challenges that life brings.

God’s teachings in the Bible are the foundation of every point of view, action and product at Abiding Word. We believe high quality Christian education is solely a blessing from our gracious God, We also believe Christian education is a team responsibility involving parents, school and congregation.

A high quality Christian education is an integral part of making Christian disciples of young children and of reaching out into the community with the gospel. God has given gifts to every person and Abiding Word helps them use these gifts to honor God.

Is you school accredited?

Abiding Word Lutheran School is granted a high degree of credibility through its accreditation by three organizations: the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission, National Council of Private School Accreditation, and WELS School Accreditation.

What extracurriculars do you offer?

We have a wonderful music program that includes choir, guitar lessons and other instrument instructions. We also have a drama program, art class, and spanish club. We continually add to and evaluate our extra-curricular programs based on the instruction available. It is important to our school that we help cultivate students’ education outside of the classroom.

More about our extracurriculars is available on our website.

What is your average class size?

In our early education program, we pride ourselves in low teacher to child ratios and enroll children throughout the year on a space-available basis. We follow the most stringent of regulations for teacher-to-
student ratios based on the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

For our K-8 program, the average class size is 12. We find that our class sizes allow students enough engagement while allowing teachers to focus on each individual student.

Do your students take standardized tests?

Yes. Abiding Word students grades 3-8 take a standardized test called the ACT-Aspire Test. It is a norm referenced test that is taken by our school system across the country. We take the test in the Spring. Our view of standardized tests is they provide one piece of a broad spectrum of data for each child. Coupled with all of our assessments, standardized tests help inform the instruction we provide for each student in our school.

What sports can my child participate in?

We offer in-house junior athletics for students in third and fourth grade. For our fifth through eighth graders we offer competitive athletics.

For both programs, the sports we participate in are GIrls’s Volleyball, Co-ed Soccer, Girl and Boys Basketball, Cheer, and Track.

You can learn more about our programs on the Athletics page.

What is the tuition?

Our tuition for early education programs is outlined here.

Our tuition for kindergarten through eighth grade is available here.

Does Abiding Word provide reading assessments for its students?

Yes. Three times per school year students are given reading and math assessments to confirm appropriate reading growth throughout the year. Students who may need extra help are also given progress monitoring assessments throughout the year.

May I visit a classroom to get a feel for a school day at Abiding Word?

Absolutely! We would love to have you as a guest in any one of our classrooms. Our teachers are eager to share with you exactly what goes on in our classrooms on a typical day. After an initial visit the principal can provide you with contact info for individual teachers to get a visit set up on a day that works for both parties. You can fill out a request form here.

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