Pre-K Class

This is the last preschool classroom before Kindergarten. We offer flexible programs and times; however, we strongly suggest the Pre-K students attend 4-5 days a week to receive the maximum benefit in Kindergarten preparation. All Preschool and Pre-K programs children must be fully potty trained to attend.

Our second level program focuses on older toddlers, age 2-3. Everyday includes a combination of outside time, age-appropriate play and lessons. We introduce a little more structure with circle time. In addition, our teachers work with parents to potty train each child.

At this age, most children can recognize all of the letters and know their sounds before they enter this class. Some of the things we will focus on this year include:

  • Using Phonics to teach them how to combine letter sounds and read
  • Ensuring most children can read three letter words independently
  • Support children in reading with prompts
  • Counting to one hundred and counting by tens.
  • Writing their letters and numbers
  • Recognizing their numbers

Each day, students will have a combination of structured lesson time, guided learning and exploratory free time. Every week has a bible lesson theme, a readiness skill, a phonics lesson and number focus.