Early Childhood FAQ

How do you keep your building secure?

We keep our buildings on campus locked at all times. Parents each have a code for our electronic box to enter the building.

Do you take NCI payments?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept NCI. If we took NCI, then we could not teach children about Jesus and that is the whole reason we exist.

What curriculum do you use?

We use a combination of Handwriting without Tears and High scope. These curriculums have both been around for a long time and are research based. Our religious curriculum is Christ light.

When do you combine classrooms?

We combine classrooms in the early morning and late afternoon. Students are combined from 7:00-7:45am and 4:00-6:00pm. Combining students is largely dependent on attendance numbers. We always make sure that the toys are age appropriate.

What extracurriculars do you offer?

We offer physical education, art, music, STEM/science and chapel once a week for each class. Students also have the option to participate in soccer by Soccer Shots.

Do you play outdoors?

Yes, we have two fenced in playgrounds on the property. One is for toddlers and the other is for older preschoolers. We go outside each day in the cool morning hours and again in the afternoon depending on the weather.

Are you state licensed?

No, but we received an exemplary accreditation through the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission, National Council of Private School Accreditation, and WELS School Accreditation.

What do children do at naptime if they don’t sleep?

Children are asked to lay still and try each day. After they have tried and most children are sleeping, they are able to read books on their cot.

I have never brought my child to preschool. What should I expect?

Each child is different in their transition from home to school, however, most children take around 2 weeks to completely relax and be themselves. Each of our teachers are loving and ready to help your child adjust quickly. Once the child feels safe and gets used to the routine, then they become comfortable.

What is the enrollment process?

The director will meet with the family, introduce them to staff, give a tour of the facility, and discuss possible enrollment. The enrollment packet and the registration fee must be turned in to our office two school days prior to start date. Tuition and supply fee is due the first day of attendance.

Are non church members allowed to attend?

Yes! Our current enrollment is 60% non-member and 40% members.

Are the rates weekly?

No, we charge monthly like a private school. You can see our rates here.

Do you have special events throughout the year?

Yes, we currently have around 15 special events during the school year. Children look forward to special events and they help make preschool fun.

Do you have a bilingual class?

No, we only teach in English at this time, however half of our teachers do speak Spanish fluently.

Is there a dress code?

On Wednesdays, students in Pre-K 3&4 are required to wear an Abiding Word polo (purchased from Lands End) and Khaki bottoms for chapel. On Fridays, students show school spirit by wearing a themed Abiding Word t-shirt.


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