Toddler Care

Toddler Care (Age 2-3)

This is our second level program, focused on older toddlers. Everyday includes a combination of outside time, age-appropriate play and lessons. We introduce a little more structure with circle time. In addition, our teachers work with parents to potty train each child. 

Some of the skills the children will learn this year include:

  • Learning their colors and shapes
  • Continuing to be exposed to letters and sounds
  • Identifying some letters by the end of the year
  • Counting to 20 with flashcards and can count objects
  • A beka visuals to teach the children vocabulary and language
  • Large motor and fine motor skills like jumping, balance and stringing beads

Here is an example of a semester of our curriculum.


Registration Free: $75
Curriculum Fee: $100 due August and January (All Programs)

Monthly Tuition:
Older Toddler ClassSchool Day
(7- 4)
1 hour Extended Care
(7- 5)
2 hours Extended Care
(7- 6)
Monday – Friday$600$700$800

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