North Houston Preschool Class (Age 3 – 4)

This year introduces a little more structure to student’s days. The children are encouraged to be more independent this year and take care of themselves as much as possible. All Preschool children must be fully potty trained to attend.

Some of the concepts students will learn this year include:

  • Knowing all their letters and sounds
  • Mastering writing their name
  • Tracing letters
  • Practice counting to one hundred (but often still make mistakes, that’s ok!)
  • Learn how to color and use a scissors with accuracy
  • Putting on their own jacket
  • Getting their lunch box
  • Opening their own food
  • Cleaning up after themselves

Each day, students will have a combination of structured lesson time, guided learning and exploratory free time. Students will enjoy bible studies and music time with their classmates.

Here is an example of our curriculum for this age.


Registration Free: $75
Curriculum Fee: $100 due August and January (All Programs)

Monthly Tuition:
PreK – 3Tu-Thurs
School Day
(7- 4)
1 hour Extended Care
(7- 5)
2 hours Extended Care
(7- 6)
Three days/week$235   
Four days/week* $400$480$560

Five days/week


**Four day program can be Mon – Thurs or Tues – Fri.