We’ve added part-time programs for early education

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October 25, 2016
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We’ve added part-time programs for early education

We are always striving to provide flexibility for our families. To help provide more options, we’ve added part-time programs for all of our early education programs. Our part-time programs run from 8am – 12pm each day. Your family can choose from 3, 4 or 5 days a week of care.

Here is a summary of our 4 different programs:

Young Toddler Class (Age 1 – 2)

Our Young Toddler Program is for our youngest students and will help them get used to a daily routine. The teacher immerses the students in language and vocabulary. They learn while they are playing and participating in planned activities based on a weekly theme. They learn how to feed themselves, blow their nose, talk, sing, share and use their muscles by climbing. The teachers read and sing to them throughout the day. They also help with simple arts and crafts at the table. We use art to explore colors, and shapes. We use books and songs to explore letters and numbers. We focus on providing a loving environment away from home to learn early developmental skills.

Older Toddler Class (Age 2 – 3)

In our next program level, we start to have a formal circle learning time on the carpet. The students learn their colors and shapes this year and are exposed to letters and sounds. They can identify some letters by the end of the year and can count to 20 with flashcards and can count objects. We use A beka visuals to teach the children vocabulary and language. Our teachers work with parents to potty train each child. They learn large motor and fine motor skills like jumping, balance and stringing beads.

Preschool Class (Age 3 – 4)

This is the year that students make sure they know all their letters and sounds even out of order. They will master writing their name and start tracing letters. They will practice counting to one hundred but often still make mistakes. We will teach them to color and use a scissors with accuracy. They are also encouraged to be more independent and can take care of many of their own needs, such as putting on their jacket, getting their lunch box, opening their own food, and cleaning up after themselves.

Pre K Class (Age 4 – 5)

This is the last preschool classroom before Kindergarten. Most children can already recognize all of the letters and know their sounds before they enter this class. We take this knowledge and use Phonics to teach them how to combine letter sounds and read. By the end of the class most children are reading three letter words independently, some are reading with prompts. The children are taught to count to one hundred, and count by tens. They also learn to write their letters and numbers as well as recognize the numbers.

We offer year round enrollment, space permitting. You can learn more about enrollment and fees here.

To schedule a tour, please contact our Director, Jennifer Hahn at 281.444.4426 or jennifer.hahn@awlcs.org.

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